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I love this ring light! Aside from your typical photography light settings, it also has an RGB mode that provides a variety of colored lights. It has a music sync function that changes to the beat of whatever music you have playing. It has three phone holders, an iPad holder, and a camera hot shoe. Great for taking group photo's with multiple phones ;) There are two USB ports in the back so you can even charge your device(s). Annnnddd it comes with a remote. Again, totally love this thing. Great for personal and or business use.

Meet Pivo! Your personal cameraman. Pivo tracks your movement.


Let's get into Popl. This thing is new aged technology in a button. It's basically a virtual business card.

I'm absolutely in love with this case! My old iPad case (old faithful) was similar but definitely not as updated. I had it for 5 years and served me well, but it was time for an upgrade. When I saw the backlit keyboard AND Apple Pencil holder I was SOLD.

I love this desk set up. I use it for my at-home "office". I specifically got it to use for my work at home days due to the pandemic.

Okay, so these are basically your ordinary colored pens but look how cute and artsy they look!

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