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Ask MaDearie

Updated: 4 days ago

Are you currently in school? Just finished? About to embark on a new scholarly endeavor? You might have the questions or concerns. Maybe you need some advice on something and can't think of anyone to ask. Well you've come to the right place...

Welcome to Capped by Cleo's advice column, Ask MaDearie! Here you can ask any questions you might have regarding life in and out of school; social life, grades, the future, anything you can think of. Here your questions will remain anonymous and the answers to your questions will be here for everyone to see. Who knows, maybe someone else might be wondering the same thing as you.

If you'd like to receive advice from MaDearie, email her at with "Ask MaDearie" as the subject. She will then post your question as a separate post here, with her answer along with it. Please allow MaDearie time to answer all questions as she has a life as well.

Thank you and we can't wait to hear from you! :)

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