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High School/ Undergrad Internships

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Engineering/ Construction

Provided by the Best Friends Foundation:

Internship and Job Opportunities for High School Seniors:

Political Interests:

Child Labor Policy Intern with CLC “Child Labor Coalition”

Remote Public Policy Intern with The Institute For Youth in Policy

Government Affairs Internship (Paid)

Johns Hopkins STEM Internship at ASPIRE, Inc.

STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

US Dept. of Education- Student Volunteer Trainee Position

US Dept. of Agriculture: Student Trainee (Food Safety and Inspection)

Rock The Vote Internship

Latin American Youth Center AmeriCorps Education Program

Media/ Marketing Interests:

Social Media Marketing Paid Internship at Words Beats & Life, Inc.

Words Beats & Life Inc.:

Blogger/ Social Media Remote Intern for “Finding Francesca”

Finding Francesca is a travel and lifestyle blog focused on weekend travel and local eats in the northeast US.

Finding Francesca Blog:

Social Media Intern at FV Magazine

FV Magazine focuses on the trendsetters in the fields of High Fashion, Beauty, arts/culture and music. It examines the "life well lived"

Remote Research Intern at “She Heals the World”

She Heals the World is a women’s online business coaching firm.

Remote Podcast Show Host Internship with GSMC Podcast Networks

Social Media Intern at Enspire Magazine

Community Service Interests:

Help Needed at “My Girlfriends House, Inc.”


My Girlfriend’s House, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of professional women dedicated to both community service and friendship.We work to improve the lives of at-risk middle and high school young ladies with personal care items, school supplies and clothing, and helps them prepare for adulthood and the workplace with scholarships, mentoring and internship opportunities

Sports Interests:

Multi-Sport Summer Camp Operations Intern:

Social Media Intern for Baltimore Pro Soccer, LLC

Sports Writing and Social Media Internship with Bethesda Big Train Baseball

Sports Analyst for Blue 57 Football Scouting

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