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No shade but shade to the Snuggie, Comfy or any other version there is of this thing. What sets this blanket hoodie apart from the rest, that I've seen, is the length and the material. This thing is super soft and fluffy, goes all the way to almost your ankles (depending on how tall you are). It hasn't gotten stiff on me yet and I've had it for about a year now. Definitely one of my favorite things to grab when I'm cold.

I've gotten so many compliments from this thing! It's super cute and definitely different. In the dark it's like what a gray rainbow might look like if that makes sense. But in the light? Looks just like this pic. It's a reflective and waterproof material.


Abella Eyewear


Uniting women to embrace their beauty and confidence through eyewear. Woman owned boutique for super cute sunnies and even swimwear. Check them out!


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