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Meet Pivo! Turn your phone into a cameraman with Auto Tracking, voice & gesture command, live streams.


Let's get into Popl. This thing is new aged technology in a button. Popl lets you instantly share your digital business card, social media, music, payment platforms and contact info by simply tapping your phone to another.


Click here or use code CLEOPATRA for 20% off!

I'm absolutely in love with this case! My old iPad case (old faithful) was similar but definitely not as updated. I had it for 5 years and served me well, but it was time for an upgrade. When I saw the backlit keyboard AND Apple Pencil holder I was SOLD.

I love this ring light! Aside from your typical photography light settings, it also has an RGB mode that provides a variety of colored lights. It has a music sync function that changes to the beat of whatever music you have playing. It has three phone holders, an iPad holder, and a camera hot shoe. Great for taking group photo's with multiple phones ;) There are two USB ports in the back so you can even charge your device(s). Annnnddd it comes with a remote to control the lighting. Again, totally love this thing. Great for personal and or business use.

If you prefer a smaller/ cheaper version of my aforementioned ring light then this is the one for you! I bought this one for my niece, I didn't think she'd really need a bigger/ more complex ring light as I was sure she was mostly going to use it to strengthen her selfie game lol. It still has both yellow and white light options as well as the rainbow.

This thing is a true life saver. It's an all-in-one portable jump starter, phone/ tablet/ USB power bank, universal laptop and phone charger. I've used it to jump start my car about a good 4 times until I finally caved and bought a new battery (it was time). I didn't have to worry about calling a friend, family member, insurance company or having to ask a stranger for a jump. I've only had to charge it twice in the 2 years I've had it. My brother swears by it and my mom has been telling all her friends to get one haha. They come in different colors too! I have paisley, my brother has blue, and my mom has gold. Oh, and it's handheld. Not heavy at all, fits right in your glove compartment, if it's not already stuffed haha. Do yourself a favor and get this thing, you can thank me later ;)

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