I love this ring light! Aside from your typical photography light settings, it also has an RGB mode that provides a variety of colored lights. It has a music sync function that changes to the beat of whatever music you have playing. It has three phone holders, an iPad holder, and a camera hot shoe. Great for taking group photo's with multiple phones ;) There are two USB ports in the back so you can even charge your device(s). Annnnddd it comes with a remote to control the lighting. Again, totally love this thing. Great for personal and or business use.

If you prefer a smaller/ cheaper version of my aforementioned ring light then this is the one for you! I bought this one for my niece, I didn't think she'd really need a bigger/ more complex ring light as I was sure she was mostly going to use it to strengthen her selfie game lol. It still has both yellow and white light options as well as the rainbow.

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