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A crafter's BFF, it's literally called a "crafting printer". It has 5 individual inks that are ready for craft projects & everyday needs. You can print from all of your favorite devices, whether a smartphone, tablet, memory card or computer. It has 12'x12 inches paper support, booklet layout copy, oversized scanning and Auto Document Feeder for multi-page documents. This printer is extremely versatile and ready to handle lots of projects!

I discovered this glue from another crafter. So glad she shared this with me! It's super useful for small/ fine areas that need to be glued down. It comes with a tip kit, dries clear, has a metal tip, is wrinkle resistant, flexible and crack resistant.

This is the double sided tape I use on the bottom of my cap toppers for a quick and easy way for my customers to attach their topper designs to their caps. Also discovered from another crafter!

Okay, so these are basically your ordinary colored pens but look how cute and artsy they look!

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